Who Am I?

I get asked a lot why I decided to create this website for reviewing college paper writing services. And the main aspect that motivated me to do so was, of course, my love for books. I am a convinced bookworm and have been this way since an early age.

I used to read a lot of books, and I would buy new ones before finishing the ones I was reading. There was nothing I enjoyed more about summer vacation but the fact that I could read as much as I wanted. To me, reading was a way of traveling, meeting new people, learning about new cultures. That is to say, even though my daily routine was boring and mundane, reading allowed me to experience life at Frodo’s side, fighting for a better world – Lord of the Rings aficionados will know what I’m referring to.

I used to live in a realm of imagination that provoked my creativity. Evidently, I chose to study literature in college, and during those years I got to write a lot of papers. While I personally enjoyed composing papers, many of my fellow colleagues found it challenging to cope with all the writing assignments we had.

That is why they often asked proficient college paper writers to assist them. Still, the thing was that paid a lot of money for papers that weren’t necessarily the best. When you’re a student, you’re on a tight budget, and when you end up paying a lot for something mediocre, you get a bit frustrated – which I get. On the flip side, professional paper writing services should deliver outstanding work, every single time. Because that’s the primary reason why students seek help – to get an excellent paper, not the other way around.

Nonetheless, due to the nature of online essay companies, one cannot gauge the quality of a paper by simply reading a company’s description and about me section. It takes more than that – one has to order a paper to investigate the quality of a paper. And that is what I do with every college paper writing service review you’ll find on this website.

Aside from writing essay reviews, I also write academic papers. And I truly believe that this is, actually, the thing that gives me insight into what should be expected of a paper writing service. Of course, I focus primarily on humanities, since I studied English Language and Literature, which is why I specialize in this domain, for the most part. But, overall, there are some preliminary principles that characterize a well-written essay, just to name a few: research, correct formatting, a well-formulated thesis, an appropriate vocabulary, so on and so forth.

These are some of the main elements that should concern each writing company that presents itself as reliable and legit. Ultimately, I encourage you to enjoy your college experience, as I wish I had enjoyed it more. These years pass by so fast, and it’s easy to get immersed in your routine and forget that you should relish each day as it comes. I am confident that my reviews will help you in this respect – since that’s what they were intended for.